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Lenovo Yoga A12 ZA1Y0054IL

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אחריות יבואן רשמי
12 תשלומים ללא ריבית
12 תשלומים ללא ריבית
התמונות להמחשה בלבד
יצרן: Lenovo , סוג מוצר: טאבלט , דגם מעבד: Intel® Atom™ x5-Z8550 Processor (2M Cache, up to 2.40 GHz), נפח זכרון פנימי: 2GB , נפח אחסון: 32GB , סוג דיסק: eMMC , גודל מסך: 12.2 , רזולוציה: 1280x800 , מערכת הפעלה: Android , תקופת האחריות: שנה , סוג האחריות: במעבדה , נותן השירות: CPM
מק"ט: ZA1Y0054IL
המוצר זמין במלאי היבואן
ספק/יבואן: CMS
נשלח באמצעות: שליח עד הבית/העסק
זמן אספקה: עד 7 ימי עסקים

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מפרט טכני


טאבלטסוג מוצר



Rose Gold



Intel® Atom™ x5-Z8550 Processor (2M Cache, up to 2.40 GHz)

דגם מעבד

זכרון פנימי


נפח זכרון פנימי



נפח אחסון


סוג דיסק




תצוגה וכרטיס מסך


גודל מסך



מערכת הפעלה ותוכנה


מערכת הפעלה

6.0 Marshmallow


נתונים טכניים

720p Fixed-Focus, HD Camera

מצלמה קדמית
ללא!מצלמה אחורית


990 גרםמשקל התחלתי

3.5mm Audio Jack
USB 3.0 Type-C
MicroSD™; Supports Up to 128GB

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פרטים נוספים

The Apps You Love – for Work and Play

When you switch on the A12, you’re in good company with a host of instantly recognizable and beloved Android apps. Best of all, you’ll enjoy a continuous experience across devices. Watch a video on your phone while commuting and continue on the A12 – without missing a beat.


Multitask Effortlessly on Android

Our custom version of Android will allow you to stay productive in ways you never expected. Add that to the Google Productivity Suite – preloaded on every device – and you can run multiple apps, arrange your taskbar, drag, drop, and multi-task with ease.

Seriously Thin, Effortlessly Convenient

Super thin and light at just 0.43 in (10.9 mm) and less than 2.2 lbs (1 kg), the A12 is your ultimate portable productivity companion. You can always keep it with you, but you’ll barely notice you’re carrying it.

Yoga A12 Halo Keyboard

Halo Keyboard: A Typing Experience Like No Other

Get things done on the groundbreaking Halo Keyboard, which takes the mobile typing experience to a new level. The comfort of a full-size keyboard? Check. The thinness of a touch glass? Check. The built-in software that learns with you? Check. The more you type, the faster it gets. The keyboard’s haptic feedback vibrates on touch and delivers auto-complete, auto-correct, and word prediction. Typing and mobility have never been joined so elegantly.

Yoga A12 2-in-1 Laptop

An Android Tablet That Puts You First

Type on the Halo Keyboard when you’re getting things done, flip it into tablet mode for games and online browsing, or set it up in watch mode to binge your favorite shows. Thanks to its innovative 360-degree hinge, the A12 is a true multi-use tablet that adapts to you.

A Battery That Lasts as Long as You Do

With up to 13 hours* of staying power on just one charge, you can binge two seasons of your favorite Netflix show, or go the whole business day without searching for the next power outlet.

*Battery life is an estimated maximum. Actual battery life may vary based on many factors. For full testing details, refer to http://www.lenovo.com/battery-info.

Dazzling, Cinema-Level Multimedia

Welcome to your portable movie theater. Enjoy captivating audio with Dolby Atmos® sound. Immerse yourself in vibrant, cinematic colors. Videos, playlists, movies, and games – on the A12, you’ll have an immersive experience that puts you right at the heart of the action.

Choose a Color to Match Your Style

Available in either Gunmetal Grey or Rose Gold, constructed with premium magnesium and aluminum alloy, the Android Tablet with Android is made to turn heads.